Freight Logistics, Freight Handling and special projects

At FARO, we pride ourselves with the ability to meet any of our customer’s freight handling or special projects needs with our freight logistics services.


freight ohio shipping and fulfilment


With our experienced, dedicated staff, we are able to offer unique solutions for a wide range of freight handling needs.

Order Fulfillment & eCommerce Fulfillment
  • EDI tracking, lot code tracking
  • Automated receiving, shipping,inventory reporting
  • Same day shipping
  • Pick/pack operation
Food Grade Handling
(530,000 square foot Food Grade Facility)
  • Kitting
  • Shrink wrapping/banding
  • Just-in-time assembly
  • Small or large builds
  • Inventory management
  • Shelf Displays, PDQ’s, Floor Stands,
    Store Displays
  • On site co-packing


 Quality Inspections
  • Shade sorts
  • Measuring, sewing projects
  • Remove/Add labels, ticketing
  • Shrink wrapping, shrink banding
  • Poly bags
Warehouse Staffing
  • Part-time or temporary
  • Warehouse trained employees






Kitting warehouse Ohio


  • Provides a one-stop shop by offering adaptable solutions to your freight handling needs.
  • Saves time and money due to a wide range of warehouse, fulfillment and shipping services
  • Offers additional value with marketing and cost savings ideas on freight handling problems.
  • Guarantees value, experience, quality and service with our whatever it takes philosophy.