Fulfillment Outsourcing



Probably not.

For one thing, it’s affordable. For another, it allows the company to focus on other areas of its business such as marketing and sales.

But no one enters into a 3rd Party Logistics deal without a little trepidation—and rightly so: If your warehousing and fulfillment company performs even a little bit worse after outsourcing, your whole business could be in peril. That’s why you have to form strong relationships with the third parties you go to contract with.

How does one go about picking a 3rd Party Logistics company?

Well, first you should determine for sure that you really need one. Here are six basic questions to ask when considering outsourcing:


1. Are your warehousing and fulfillment needs highly complex?
2. Is there a risk to the business while performing this task in-house?
3. Does this task require more than the available resources?
4. Does the task require highly specialized training or tools?
5. Is this task outside of your core competencies?
6. Could outsourcing cut costs and improve service levels?


If you’ve answered yes to some or all of these questions, it’s probably time to call us at FARO Logistics Solutions. Our promise is to do whatever it takes to provide complete solutions with remarkable customer value for client needs and challenges.

“FARO very effectively provides Mary Kay Inc. with packaging and fulfillment solutions and services and has been a solid business partner.”
-Mary Kay, Inc.
“We have counted on FARO to provide high quality logistics services to McGraw-Hill Education for over 20 years and they deliver! Whether it is high volume complex kit assembly, customized logistics services, bulk storage, etc… FARO has consistently provided solutions with value propositions to us and more importantly, our customers”.
-Tim Williams,
SVP Customer Operations, McGraw-Hill,
Gahanna/Blacklick, OH

"We outsourced our warehousing and fulfillment needs to FARO almost 9 years ago and letting go of something we did for many years was a difficult business decision. Our decision has proven to be a good one, as I can truly say the services are handled better today than ever."
- Michael Kelly – CFO, Ball, Bounce and Sport, Inc./ Hedstrom Plastics/Hedstrom Fitness
"FARO provides display assembly and pick and pack labor services for us. They consistently provide excellent service and quality. They always meet or beat our deadlines and at a fair price.”
- Sandra Campos,
“FARO has accurately and promptly completed orders, which included many with special packaging or unique labeling, to both our business to business accounts and our e-commerce customers.”
-Liz Plotnick-Snay,
Chief Operating Officer,
Gooseberry Patch
“For over 5 years, Boomer Eyeware has used FARO Logistics Solutions to handle our warehouse and fulfillment needs which includes: picking, packing and shipping hundreds of our orders each week direct to consumer, handling inventory management and control, providing consumer customer service and general warehousing. As our business grew, FARO was able to adapt and to the needs of our growth. They have been a true business partner”
-Steve Ades,
Boomer Eyeware