information technology TEAM

FARO utilizes state-of-the-art software and hardware technology to provide an IT system with remarkable flexibility and creativity consistently meeting unique customer demands.

Features Include:

  • World class warehouse management software
  • Centralized Data Systems in an off-site data center
  • Customized inventory & management report creation
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
    • Interface with any supply chain and vendors via EDI, CSV, and XLS
    • Use EDI Standards and Templates and can make your data visible to you and the warehouse
  • Bar code & radio frequency technology
    • Customizing Labels that print during picking, via handhelds
    • Shipping labels for UPS, FedEx and custom in real time
    • Elimination of human intervention via bar code technology
  • Online real-time information access
    • Our system reports back actual inventory levels, order status, shipping history
    • Item level , real-time tracing, lot#, batch#, expiry date and serial # control
  • Robust back office report generation and order tracking capabilities
  • E-Commerce Internet fulfillment capability
  • Highly-experienced Transportation and Warehousing IT Team of System Development Engineers





  • FARO utilizes Centralized IT Systems combined with an off-site Data Center and Disaster Recovery strategies for optimal data access and increased redundancies (minimum data center down time) providing more value and cost savings due to high accessibility, availability and reliability
  • FARO’s state-of-the-art Warehouse Management Systems software and their experienced IT Team of system development experts offer unparalleled flexibility in handling your unique business needs
  • FARO’s software technology provider is rated as a “Top 100 Logistics IT Service Provider” by InboundLogistics.Com insuring our customer’s IT needs will be handled competently and professionally
  • FARO’s cutting edge technology and IT support Team are affordably priced as compared to other similar type products within the industry
  • FARO’s whatever it takes philosophy guarantees our IT Services and Support Team will be “second to none”