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LAM SFS DFW CHI                     
Phone set: add user-ext-assign handset             handset/users   macaddress match   Modify



Config- Network Settings     ?                
DHCP   Enabled Enabled Enabled   Disabled          
VLAN   Manual Auto Auto   Manual          
Auto NAT   On On On   On          
Remote Plug in Play   Blank Blank Blank   Blank          
Edit Boot server   Blank Blank Blank          
Edit Time Server   Blank Blank Blank          
Edit Contact server   Blank Blank Blank          
Phone IP           192.168.200.xx          
Subnet IP           
Gateway IP           
Phone VLAN SETTINGS                      
VLAN ID   20/21 20 2   20          
VLAN PRIORITY   7 7 7   7          
PC VLAN SETTINGS:                      
VLAN ID   1 1 1   1          
VLAN PRIORITY   0 0 0   0          
    Phones connect to POE managed ports with the right vlan assigned. Ex: on Cisco maneged POE, vlan 20, 21                  
    To change a Phone location 

1. Delete-handest-user in old location

2. restore phone to factory defaults

3. Configure the phone for new location

4.add user-extention to the new handset

      To add follow me :   Home-PhoneSystem-Extensions            
      or user permissions                
!!! DO NOT CLICK ON ;   'ADD' BUTTON !!!!!  




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