How to correct Joomla Startup Error


SOP: How to correct Joomla Startup Error  


Joomla Startup Error on Farousa.com website:


Table '.\farousa_joomla\go0l1_session' is marked as crashed and should be repaired  SQL=INSERT INTO  go0l1_session` (`session_id`, `client_id`, `time`) VALUES ('r9iqehmp3mracibdk2c6g55kc7', 0, '1368030562')


Got the above error while trying to access the website.  The following steps corrected the problem with this and may work with similar errors as well.


Log on to the Xenwebsrv ( server. In the bottom right hand icon tray, click on the WampServer icon and select “phpMyAdmin”.



Click on “farousa_joomla”




Find the listed table with the error and click on the box to check. Then at the bottom of the list, select “Repair table” from the dropdown.



This will rebuild the table and the program should return to working properly.