How To Add A Faro Computer To The Wireless Router

SOP: How To Add A Faro Computer To The Wireless


There are two types of setups WPA2 secure with access only to the internet and company WPA2 secure with access to the internet as well as access to printers and servers.

  1. Internet only Setup

    1. Allow the wireless equipment to connect to SSID: FaroSecure with Password FaroHasWirelessFriends=U

    2. This connection goes straight out through without allowing access to our local networks.

  2. Company Computer or Equipment Setup

    1. Follow Step 1 above and after completing next steps reset the network adapter on the unit and/or flush cache on firewall prior if re-boot of unit is required.

    2. Log into Sonic Firewall

      1. User: AdmnFaro

      2. Password: Bill’s favorite << not as written



      1. Click on DHCP Server

      2. Click on Add Static Button


      4. Change interface to Dot 188

      5. Enter Entry Name, Static IP and Ethernet Address and save

        1. Static Ip must be between and xxx.xxx.188.150 to bypass all filtering by the sonic wall and allow access and Click Ok



    3. FireWall Rules are setup on the dot 188 Network on the Firewall Access Rules Page


      1. Click on the dot 188 Network Wan Edit Link to alter any rights

      2. Make sure allow rules are always above the Deny Rule for special Rights.

        1. You can click on the up and Down Arrows in the left Most Column to move rules up and down in the list ( see picture on next page )

        2. Always make sure that the Any Any Any Allow rule is active and is last in the list. (see picture on next page)



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