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Netsuite print setup


make sure Label printer (Zebra LP 2844) is set up correctly


follow NetSuite's instructions:


To print labels in EPL format using a thermal printer:
● Install the thermal printer driver.
● Set up your NetSuite account to print in EPL format.
● Print labels.
● To install the thermal printer driver:
1. If you are using a USB thermal printer, share your printer:
1a. Go to Printers and Faxes on your computer. Right click the thermal printer and select Sharing.
1b. Select Share this printer and rename it if you want.
1c. Click OK.
2. Open a text editor such as Notepad or WordPad and create the batch file:
2a. If you are printing to a local printer using a parallel port, copy and paste the following:
copy %1 LPT1
2b. For a USB thermal printer, enter the following, replacing ‘Printer Share Name’ with printer's share name. Do not replace ‘COMPUTERNAME’ with the name of your computer. It will change dynamically when the batch file runs.
Net use LPT2:
\\%COMPUTERNAME%\(Printer Share Name)
Copy %1 LPT2
Net use LPT2: /Delete
2c. If you are using a network thermal printer, enter the following, replacing 'Server' with the Computer Name and 'PrinterName' with the share name of the printer.
print /d:\\Server\PrinterName %1
3. Save this text file as label.bat file on your hard drive.
4. On a Windows computer, from your Start menu, find Windows Explorer. This may be in the Accessories folder.
5. Go to Tools and select Folder Options.
6. Click the File Types tab.
7. Click New, enter EPL2 as the file extension, and click OK.
8. Click Change on the File Types tab to select the program to open the file.
9. Select your label.bat file, and click OK.
10. Click Close and close the folder window.
● Set up your NetSuite account to print using EPL format:
Printer types that can use this format include:
- Eltron 2042, 2442, 2543, and 2844
- Epson FX 870 and 880+

To set up your NetSuite account to print shipping labels in EPL format:
1. Before fulfilling the order, go to Setup > Accounting > Shipping > Set Up Shipping page.
2. Click the shipping account you want to use to print the label.
3. In the Label Type field, select EPL (4x6) or EPL (4x8).
4. For FedEx shipping accounts, select the Label Stock Orientation and Doctab Location for the EPL label that you use.
Note: You have the option to print EPL labels with or without doctabs only with FedEx shipping accounts.
5. Click Submit.
● To print a shipping label in EPL format:
1. After you have fulfilled the order, go to Transactions > Management > Print Checks and Forms
2. Click Integrated Shipping Labels.
3. In the Starting Label field, enter 1 to begin printing on first label of the first sheet of labels. Enter 2 to begin printing on the second half, or second label, on the sheet.
4. Select a carrier to print labels for or select All.
5. Leave the Single Label Per Page box clear. This preference is for printing in PDF format.
6. Optionally, select a location.
7. In the Print column, check the box next to each order you want to print a label for.
7a. Click Mark All to check the boxes for all items.
7b. Click the Order Date for an order to view the sales order.
7c. Click the Ship Date to view the Item Fulfillment for that order.
8. Click Print.
A window opens with instructions on how to download your label.