Polo-Tellas Style and Color Update

SOP: Polo-Tellas Style and Color Update

How to add a new Color or Style to the tables

Reggie sends a new file called template.dbf in an email. If it is a new boardno then refer to the SOP Tellas 850 Master to import the new Master PO.

If he is just sending a style or color update then open the folder j:\clients\polo. Rename the existing file template.dbf to templatex.dbf prior to saving the newly received file to j:\clients\polo\template.dbf

  1. Open Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9

  2. Cd J:\clients\polo

  3. Open two database files

    1. J:\clients\polo\template.dbf ( you saved from the email)


  4. Enter the command

    1. MODIFY COMMAND J:\clients\POLO\newtemp.PRG

    2. Edit the boardno in the program on line 7 to the one Reggie sent to us.

    3. Enable Line 10 if necessary

    4. Re-compile and run the program

    5. The screen should reflect the proper numbers when your done in VFP ie the 10 and 10 should agree in the sample picture below