Gentran App Field Display in EDIData Notifications

EDIDATA Notifications setup

In Gentran Set up as followed

In this example I am applying   the N9 02  element to Appfield1 in the 940 generation to pick up the Customer Number

See the Example Picture below



In the lowest picture box  we  see ZZ denotes BED001

In  Text1 document ( near bottom in text editor )  we  see the insert statement used on the Gentran SQL Table  lookup_tb

Most important is line 5  which must be unique ITEM .  So I start it wth the Clientname,  the Document Type and the Element Number so that it never a conflict for any client.  It is an Index field so uniqueness must be maintained.

I am inserting Element N9-02 into Appfield1  so I double click in Gentran Map the Element and pick the EXTENDED RULE tab.

I enter my code and click compile button on the screen.   If I know I made my changes and still get an error try  clicking the ok button  exiting the screen and  then re-open and re-compile.   Gentran doesn't like errors so this is a bug.

if I have multiple choices the code would like like this below for Appfield1  Appfield 2  ect...the Code in the Extended Rule in Gentran would read as followed

IF #0128 = "ZZ" THEN

IF #0128 = "BM" THEN


Now update table    use j:\fwhip\data\mrg\gentran_ck in 0 shared   with the proper document ,trading partner and the email address/alias  to send the data to and the updates are automatic


Recompile the map as a whole and save it.  Then go to the View menu, translated opbjects and re-import the then new version to make it the current version.  Say yes to the Replace existing map prompt and you are now automated to send out EDIDATA emails


Chris Tock