ISO9001 add/update website

ISO9001 Documents add/update on website


1. farcmhxenfs1 – Public/ISO9001 – folder-


-  move the old document in OLD folder


-  add new document- Master.xls – add hyperlink if needed- change date to present date- save

2. the same master.xls -save as- html


3. on  webserver run mirror.bat file.....

4.  check on website....


5.Email to iso9001@farousa.com.

When we have an update please send out the email to ISO people as follows:


In subject line:  "Document number - Document name" " has been updated.            


So, the below would have been 3 seperate emails with the subject line showing:


In subject line of email #1:  HR-003 Application for Employment – Spanish has been updated.

In subject line of email #2:  HR-012 Employee Event Log has been updated.

In subject line of email #3:  HR-105 CDL Driver Training Checklist has been updated.



FYI On the new web-server 0.7 is updating in real time. No sync needed.


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