Create ISO9001 Documents


How to create ISO Documents.

 The Master List shows:example:  'WHSE-602  BBS APPT LOG.xlsx        9/29/2015'.  The 'WHSE-602' is the document number, 'BBS APPT LOG' is the document name, and '9/29/2015' is the creation/revision date.  All documents sent to Ana need to have the document name at the top of the document.  The document number and revision date need to be in the bottom left hand corner of the document.  If the document has more than 1 page, then it needs to have page control.  Page control is '1 of x', '2 of x', etc., and needs to be placed in the bottom right hand corner of the document.  ALL new and revised documents need to be done this way.  Please print out BP-10 Control of Documents and review our ISO process.


Make sure that your document Name have a ISO code;

and Footer with ISO code, revision date, and pages.


Save/Save as- file Name:  WHSE- 603 BBS Label Verifiers

Footer:  WHSE-603 REV. 09-24-2015                         1 of 3