How to install GRV FedEx client station



Fedex client installation - GRV


 1. Fedex Ship manager -make sure to check box for Scale attached when testing connection to the server.

 2. Fedex Integrator + Fedex Integrator upgrade



 or from



  Look at other shipping station, the fedex integrator is at the bottom right of screen, looks like a computer and monitor, if you right click on it, after STOP is the True project name.

   Then go back to the new system, file -- exit the fedex swo, go to c:/programData/fedex/integration/projects, delete the MRU.xml and any other .fsi except the true project name, so after delete, you should only have True project name in the folder.

   Start -- Run -- type fedexsvcmanager /see, wait a little bit. Start the fedex swo (Fedex Ship manager) again.



To restart fedex services (if scale is not reading in shippment window)

Run--fedexsvcmanager /see /rsoft




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