I created a user called Temperature Warehouse on the 2.9 computer this user has admin rights on the computer to run the Monitor for climate the password = faro1415 <----note the building mailing address numbers The process is as followed if that computer goes down, restart and log in as Temperature user and the Monitor is in the startup menu and should open as soon as you log in click on the START Monitoring button on the open screen. it should open a graph window. If so all is up and running. Else there is an issue if no graph window is open. If all ok then: Log off but pick switch users ( don't actually log off ) Log in as WAREHOUSE user and this hides the monitor from the warehouse employees by running in a different desktop and they can't shut it down. Emails go to Cecilia and to Charlene on all errors (if it is running) And Adam was great help. Thanks for having him champion the project for you. I'll duplicate this email on the help desk and you can access it from there if necessary in the future.

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