How to fill in Application Fields 1-6 in Gentran for Reporting

SOP: How to fill in Application Fields 1-6 in Gentran

for Reporting

  1. Gentran does not always have the fields filled in for reporting data properly for us, nor our clients. So by mapping fields in the map to application fields we can then report on the data much easier in our codes..
  2. Create a new map in Gentran. Our old maps won’t pick this up unless we go through with deleting the map in the translated objects 1st. So it is much easier to create a new map.

  3. Pick the field we want to update the Application fields (1-6) and right click and pick properties

  4. In this example of the 869 for JCPENNEY I picked the po number field in the PRF01 segment/element and right clicked and picked properties


  1. I chose the STANDARD RULE tab, picked update, DOCUMENT RECORD, and APPLICATION FIELD 6 as the field to update.

  2. When Gentran now imports using this map and I look in the DOCUMENTS_TB table in Gentran under the APPFIELD6 field I now see after exporting a new 869 for JCPENNY STATUS. In this example we see prior to this change NULL value but after this change, 466586471 as the reported value in the PO number field.


    1. I can now use the field for reporting in FARO code or in Gentran under the find command.