UPS World Ship Upgrade

 Upgrading UPS World Ship to 2019 version


  1. Collect current UPS administrative system information: ODBC, Sheared Folder, Import/Export MAPS, Printers, UPS main account info, Clint UPS accounts.

  2. Follow the instructions for upgrading World Ship back up etc.

  3. ON Current administrative station: Support Utility- check database - run tool

  4. ON Current administrative station: Support Utility - Data maintenance – data operation – Backup- copy backup file

  5. New UPS admin station: Create New UPS share folder (in existing network folder)- ODBC connection the same as the current one check-  UPS worldship New administrative station install –

  6. New UPS admin station:– Support Utility- Data maintenance – Restore current UPSadmin backup file-

  7. Remote station install – mapdrive to new UPS administrative station upsshared folder- install new UPS worldship remote client - see the documentation

    (Import-Export maps are included in backup and will be restored)

    - rename moved upsshare folder to HOLD_UPS

  8. Check and test new UPS Administrative station and remote client. Confirm functionality.

  9. Uninstall old UPS administrative station