How To Change FARO Allworx Greetings

To Change FARO Allworx Greetings

1. Dial the Auto Attendant extension  431


2. Dial # 9
3. After the beep, enter the password (same as login password for Allorx system on the PC) then dial #


4. Select:

      1 Business Hours
      2 Non-business Hours
      3 Custom
      # Return to the Welcome message
      * Replay the options


5. Press 2 to start recording after the beep. Press # when you are finished.


     Greeting Sample Scripts


     Business hours
     Welcome to <your company name>, your best source for <product>.
     Dial 1 for store hours and directions. Dial 2 for Sales. Dial 3 for
     Service. Dial 0 to reach the operator.


  Non - Business hours

     Welcome to <your company name> , your best source for <product>. We are currently closed       but will re-open at <opening time>. Our hours are <hours of operation>.
If you know your party’s extension, you may dial it now. You may also leave a message in our general mailbox at extension <number>.




     <Your company name> is the premier provider of <products>. We specialize in <specialty>. Our latest product is . . .

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