How to reconnect a Xenserver to XenCenter

SOP: How to reconnect a Xenserver

host when no connection made usin

g XenCenter


This document explains how to reconnect a Xenserver host will not connect in the XenCenter application.



Sometimes the Xapi service layer will hang after changes are made to a Xenserver. This service needs to be stopped and restarted in order for it to be able to make a connection to the XenCenter application.

Procedure or Steps

To achieve the above goal, perform the following steps:


  1. ps aux | grep xapi

    1. This will likely produce a long list of process that are running XAPI…if none are listed…then you have a bigger problem.

  2. killall -9 xapi

    1. This will kill all XAPI processes…forcefully….this is safe to do on production servers as its only purpose is to provide XenCenter connectivity (and you already cant connect).

  3. Service xapi stop

    1. Then wait….it can take over 4 minutes for the service to stop.

  4. Service xapi start

    1. This was a bit faster but still can take a few minutes.

  5. Connect to the XenServer Pool Master via XenCenter.


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