SOP: Faro Quick Complete

SOP: Faro Quick Complete

Procedure to configure the Accellos environment to Quick complete labels and tote assignments

  1. In the Accellos Aowdata SQL Table setup the allow Quick completion of labels

    1. Insert a record into the config table

    2. This allows the label to auto print




  2. Open the client table and check for a configuration number for Qc_tote_counter


    2. The Qc_tote_counter is split into two parts XXYYYYYY

      1. XX = the seed number

      2. YYYYYYY is the next number to use

      3. We see in this example that INT has never utilized the option so it has just XX as it’s beginning number.

      4. MSY has a seed value of 31 and has used 3644743 labels to date.

      5. We must be vigilant and watch it doesn’t exceed the 999999 with stack overflow

    3. The pickhead.cust_ctype is the label to print and if not blank on the packslip will generate a label.