What to do when FWHIP web is not updating

When FWHIP web is not updating, it could be one of two things.  One, the job GDSSYNC is not running for some reason on FARO EDI Scheduler.  Check the A1 Job Log for the GDSSYNC and nake sure it is running, or check the FARO EDI Scheduler itself.


A1 Job Log



Second, check the GDSSYNC SQL Job History on SQL Server 0.21 (XENACC!TEST).  It may be failing from duplicate source records trying to update the Target record in the MERGE statement. If it shows it is failing, do the following:

1. Run this quesry to see how long its been failing.

SELECT case when fr_inittm >= fr_updttm then fr_inittm else fr_updttm end as ts  ,[frsequence]
  FROM [fwhip].[dbo].[frmaster_trans]  where done = 0   order by ts

2. Pause the FARO EDI Scheduler

3. Look at the first record and note/copy the timestamp.  Open \\farcmhnt3a\users\mhassl\apps\FW\data\synccfg.dbf and set the sync_dt fields (except for sdcntr) to a value slightly less than that timestamp. I ususally set it to that date plus six zeroes for the time (e.g. 20160405000000).

4. Run this scrip to clear the temp tables:

TRUNCATE TABLE frmaster_trans
TRUNCATE TABLE frmultpo_trans
TRUNCATE TABLE frreceiv_trans
TRUNCATE TABLE frshipit_trans
TRUNCATE TABLE dsmstr_trans
TRUNCATE TABLE demstr_trans
TRUNCATE TABLE frmfstcm_trans
TRUNCATE TABLE shcntr_trans
TRUNCATE TABLE sdcntr_trans

5. Unpause the FARO EDI Scheduler. You could force the job to run now either by the scheduler or via A1.  Immediately run the GDSSYNC SQL job and make sure it completes succesfully.


The FWHIP GDS tables should now be in sync.  Good Job!


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